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Nikobot is the main bot of the site. It is available in this site. There is also an exclusive link available.

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Mimba is the default robot for System programming support. She is ready to help you test and upload your project. She is available via an exclusive link.

🏒 University of athens

Exam schedule

Course titleInstructorLinks
Data structuresK. XatzikokolakisCOfficial
Data structuresM. KoubarakisCOfficial
Introduction to programmingP. StamatopoulosCOfficial
C compiler
Network ManagementN. AlonistiotiPythonOfficial
Object oriented programmingI. KaraliC++Official
C++ compiler
Java compiler
Operating SystemsS. XatziefthimiadesC / C++Official
Operating SystemsA. DelisC / C++Official
System programmingA. DelisC / C++Official
System programmingA. NtoulasC / C++Official
System programmingM. RousopoulouC / C++Official
System programmingY. SmaragdakisC / C++Official
ProjectN. AlonistiotiJavaOfficial
ProjectΞ₯. EmirisC++ / PythonOfficial

🏒 Athens university of economics

Course / DescriptionInstructorLinks
VenusUnofficial forum
Operating Systemseclass

🏒 University of Piraeus

Course / DescriptionInstructorLinks
cs-unipi.fandom.comUnofficial forum