Recommended software

It is suggested that you use software that supports both Windows and Linux whenever such is available, since learning it’s keyboard shortcuts will benefit you a lot.

General use

Type Subtype Windows Linux
Archiving Files 7zip xarchiver / peazip
Media content whereIsIt whereIsIt (wine)
 Editors Lightweight Notepad++ Notepad-qq
Medium weight Atom Atom
 Viewers Images Irfanview nomacs
PDF viewer Foxit Reader Foxit Reader / Evince
Hex viewer HxD Bless


Type Subtype Windows Linux
Automation Backup Freefilesync Freefilesync
Scripting Autohotkey Actiona / Bash
Manager CopyQ CopyQ
File manager light weight Double commander Double commander
heavy weight Total commander Krusader


Type Subtype Windows Linux
Audio Playback Foobar Foobnix / Deadbeef
Editing Audacity Audacity
Video Playback Media player classic VLC / SM Player
Recording CamStudio OBS



Type Subtype Windows Linux
Profiling C/C++ UMDH Valgrind
IDE C/C++ Netbeans Netbeans
C# Visual Studio Visual Studio Code
Java (free) Netbeans Netbeans
Java (commercial) IntelliJ IDEA IntelliJ IDEA
Java / Android Android Studio Android Studio
MIPS QtSpim QtSpim
Python PyCharm PyCharm
Frameworks Spring Spring Tool suite Spring Tool suite