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For an easy estimation of the cost, you can use the price wizard.

In general, prices depend on the category of the course. There are three main categories, according to the difficulty of the course:

  1. entry to medium level
  2. medium to advanced level
  3. advanced to professional level.

The following prices apply for 2-hour sessions.

Entry to medium level

This category contains most courses on the first 3 years of a typical bachelors degree.

Typical examples are implementations of sorting algorithms, basic OOP design and analysis, implementations of  data structures like lists, hash tables, trees along with basic web site applications (2 to simple 3 tier architecture).

 Group size 1234 5
Group Total50-45-… 50606060
Per person50-45-… 25201512

Medium to advanced level

This category contains most courses of the last year of a typical bachelors degree and the years of a typical master degree.

Artificial intelligence algorithms, machine learning and data mining algorithms usually belong to this category. Web applications on more complex frameworks like spring also belong to this category as well as entry level certifications on related fields.

Group size12345
Group Total5050606060
Per person5025201512

Advanced to professional level

Applies for most courses of PHD and postdoc degree.

Advanced web application architecture, complex artificial intelligence algorithms, neural networks and complex pattern recognition algorithms belong to this category.

In addition, certification material beyond associate level is also considered advanced to professional level.

Group size12345
Group Total6060758080
Per person6030252016