What should I have with me?

Writing code in-house

Here are some things you should have with you that could be useful.

1) A notepad to keep notes

A notepad (preferably classic one) for notes and drawings.

2) your laptop with the appropriate software.

But still some people forget to bring their laptops! Bring the laptop with you. Don’t forget to bring a charger. We can setup your laptop here but it will be time consuming. It is preferable that you have prepared the laptop beforehand.

Regarding setting up your laptop you may read this article.

3) a USB flash drive

It is always useful to have one.

4) a handy e-mail account

It doesn’t have to be your main private e-mail account (it’s better if it didn’t). Also, avoid using g-mail since it uses a lot of filters that block attachments we may have to exchange like scripts or executables.

5) required usernames and passwords of accounts we might need to access

Like your e-class account credentials or your MSDNAA/dreamspark account.