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🤖 Nikobot

Nikobot is the main bot of the site. It is available in this site. There is also an exclusive link available.

🤖 Mimba

Mimba is the default robot for System programming support. She is ready to help you test and upload your project. She is available via an exclusive link.

Viber communities

GlobalGlobal community
UOASystem programming
AUEBDistributed systems

🏢 University of athens

Exam schedule

🏃Course titleInstructor Links
1Data structuresK. XatzikokolakisCOfficial
2Data structuresM. KoubarakisCOfficial
2Introduction to programmingP. StamatopoulosCOfficial
C compiler
2Object oriented programmingI. KaraliC++Official
C++ compiler
Java compiler
3Operating SystemsS. XatziefthimiadesC / C++Official
4Operating SystemsA. DelisC / C++Official
5System programmingA. DelisC / C++Official
5System programmingA. NtoulasC / C++Official
5System programmingM. RousopoulouC / C++Official
8System programmingY. SmaragdakisC / C++Official
ProjectN. AlonistiotiJavaOfficial
ProjectΥ. EmirisC++ / PythonOfficial

🏢 Athens university of economics

Course / Description InstructorLinks
VenusUnofficial forum
Operating Systemseclass

🏢 University of Piraeus

Course / Description InstructorLinks
cs-unipi.fandom.comUnofficial forum