What is the meaning of assisted coding?

Assisted coding has numerous meanings. It is frequently used with the term “computer-assisted coding” which means a person codes an answer using the computer to search for possible classifications based on some search text. In this case the computer helps that person to perform a task easier, for example assigning codes to terms of a data set.

However, we use the term coding with the meaning of writing code in a programming language. Assisted coding refers specifically to teaching how to write code properly. It is live interactive method of teaching where the student tries to solves the problem and writes the code in a specific programming language with an overseer who guides the student to write the code according to design principles and paradigms.

Methods like drawing sequence diagrams, entity relationship diagrams, class diagrams, flow diagrams etc, and teaching the related theory can be used but the focus of assisted-coding is how to actually write the code itself i.e the application of design patterns and architectural patterns on the code. Of course patterns are not always needed nor used for simple projects.