I was told Mujibuntu is better! Why should I use the distro you recommend?

During your career, You will always keep meeting new people who will be telling you that Mujibuntu is a better OS than the one you are using.

The answer is: who cares? There is huge number of Linux distributions out there and you will definitely not be able to follow each one of them. Linux ecosystem is live and dynamic. Distributions are constantly being created or abandoned. Indeed some of them may be better than the one you are using but you don’t know if Mujibuntu is.

Start slow, start with one, learn it. If you get bored of it and you do have spare time, install another one. Use youtube to preview other distributions and use virtual machines if you want to check them out. But you should never switch distributions just because someone told you another distribution is better.

The only reason you may have to listen about Mujibuntu is if your friend can actually enumerate specific reasons of why Mujibuntu is better and at the same time those reasons actually apply to your workflow. If you are not using photoshop but Mujibuntu supports photoshop, you can still just ignore it. If you do use it, then please install Mujibuntu.