Assisted coding Support System

Assisted coding uses freshdesk as online interactive Customer support system.

Before visiting the portal please read the following instructions.

The freshdesk platform is used for two purposes:

  1. to provide support for DebugTheBug training center for this stage.
  2. to log requests for support for Assisted coding.

Regarding DebugTheBug support

If you are a member of the DebugTheBug training center, you can submit bugs on the Support System. All tickets will be reviewed and if any bugs are indeed found, they will be fixed promptly.

Regarding requests for assisted coding

If you want help on a specific assignment/project you can submit it on the support system via either the web portal or via an email. In both cases you should attach all the related material of the project and the date of deadline if such exists. It is important that you attach the material, direct external links to eclass or other official platforms like piazza or lists are automatically ignored.

Once an assignment is submitted it will reviewed within 3 to 4 days and you will be contacted and notified whether the support can be provided within that deadline. The sooner you let us know the higher the chance we will be able to help.

Submitting a ticket to the system

The e-mail through which you can submit tickets to the support system is not available to public. You will have to contact us so that it will be given to you.

The form through which you can submit tickets to the support system is available to the public through the portal. It is not accessible anonymously. You will have to login to the system and submit the request from an valid account. Requests from anonymous e-mails are ignored.

visit the portal here