Prepare your computer to write Spring boot code

Important note:

The following instructions are for the Technologies of Internet applications course of DIT (ΤΕΔ) for Spring Boot. The instructions could be used by those who will follow either the Angular/Spring Boot/MySQL stack or the Vue/Spring Boot/MySQL stack or the React/Spring Boot/MySQL (with or without JPA).

For the Javascript front-end more steps are needed which are specific to the framework you decide to use.

If you haven’t installed java yet, please install first before proceeding.

Here are the steps:

Initialize the project

1) Select dependencies

Go to the official spring initializer and select the following dependencies:

  1. Spring Web
  2. Spring boot dev-tools
  3. Spring Data (JPA)
  4. MySQL driver
  5. Lombok

2) Select build tool

Recommended is maven.

3) Select packaging

Recommended is jar

4) Select Java version

Recommended is java 8

Generate the project, download and extract the file.

Configure database access

Open and configure database connection as displayed below:

## MySQL DataSource

Configure jpa

Open and configure JPA as displayed below:

## JPA/Hibernate
spring.jpa.hibernate.ddl-auto=update # or better: validate = org.hibernate.dialect.MySQL5InnoDBDialect

That’s it. Now open the project with any IDE you want (like IDEA, netbeans etc) and build and run the project.

On how to create a REST point you can read this article.

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