Prepare your computer to write Java EE 8 REST code (jersey)

Important note:

The following instructions are for the Technologies of Internet applications course of DIT (ΤΕΔ) for Java EE 8. The instructions could be used by those who will follow either the Angular/Java EE/MySQL path or the Vue/Java EE/MySQL path or the React/Java EE/MySQL (with or without JPA).

For the Javascript front-end more steps are needed which are specific to the framework you decide to use.

Summary of what you are going to install:

  1. Java JDK
  2. Java IDE (preferably Netbeans 11 or IDEA
  3. Apache Tomcat
  4. MySQL
  5. MySQL workbench
  7. double commander
  8. git (optional, install only if you already know how to use it)

Although you may use Windows or MAC OS as an operating system for your development computer, as a beginner it is recommended that you use a Linux-based distribution.

If you haven’t installed the OS yet read this article.

Here are the steps:

0) Prepare the operating system

If you already have an operating system installed do the necessary upgrades! If it is more than 3 major distributions behind, it is better to uninstall it completely and upgrade to the latest version.

If you don’t have an Operating System installed, install the latest version of Linux Ubuntu or Linux Mint.

In both cases, backup all important files from your computer to external storage.

1) Set a root password that is easy to type and remember

Ok, some people may claim this is risky but remember that we are setting up a development computer for novices and for assisted coding. You shouldn’t have important/sensitive data placed on the computer we are going to use. If you have, you should backup them and if possible remove them from the laptop.

Here is a sample code that will change the root password (you will be prompt for the new one):

sudo passwd root

You will be asked for your password. Type it two times.

2) Install MySQL and MySQL workbench

To install latest MySQL follow the instructions on the link:

3) Install Open Java JDK

You should install the Open JDK 8 for Java EE 8.

Follow the instructions on the link:

4) Install Netbeans

To install latest MySQL follow the instructions on the link:

5) Prepare your taskbar / desktop

Pin the following to your taskbar (or desktop):

  1. a web browser of your choice
  2. the IDE you have installed
  3. a file manager (optional)

Unpin any items you don’t need like libreoffice links or amazon related trash. You will work more efficiently if you keep the desktop clean and tidy.

6) Prepare your workspace for the project
Complete the following steps:

  1. create a folder on your desktop and name it “ted”.
  2. copy to that folder the assignment PDF, any slides and additional resources you were given by the instructors.

7) Install tomcat

To install latest Apache tomcat follow the instructions on the link:

8) Create a maven project

From within your IDE:

  1. Create a maven wen application project
  2. Create a new RESTful web service from design pattern
    1. Select Simple root resource
  3. If you use glassfish you don’t have to do anything else. For Apache tomcat add the following dependencies to the pom.xml:

Let the maven renew the dependencies and then clean, build and deploy the project.

9) Install optional software

sudo apt install doublecmd-qt
  • install git (apt link) if the team can use it. If you don’t know how to use git, do not install it:
sudo apt install git

10) What else?

Check that your Wifi is working !


Next step?

Once you have setup the IDE, you could install additional software:


For more information about Apache Tomcat and Jersey check these articles:

  1. Best approach for Jersey 2 and Apache Tomcat 8+
  2. MessageBodyWriter not found in Apache Tomcat
  3. REST Web Service with Java EE7

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