Prepare your computer to write MIPS code

Summary of what you are going to install:

  1. QtSpim
  2. Notepad++

Although you may use Linux or MAC OS as an operating system for your development computer, as a beginner it is recommended that you use a windows-based operating system for MIPS coding.

You can setup a Linux box to compile MIPS code, but it is a little bit cumbersome and sometimes it gets complicated.

Here are the steps:

Step 1 – Install QtSpim

Always download binaries directly from the official site.

Installation is pretty straightforward.

Step 2 – Install notepad++

Apart from being an awesome lightweight editor anyway, notepad++ can also color MIPS code correctly.

You can download notepad++ from here.

Installation is pretty straightforward. But beware of hidden check boxes that install adware. Only install software and features you need.

Step 3 – Download a reference sheet (optional)

You can download a good MIPS reference sheet here.

You can also download a unofficial visualization here.

Next step?

Once you have setup the IDE, you could install additional software:




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