Makefile generator


As of 14/3/2018, the makefile generator project has merged with the online problem solver. As such, the old links have been abandoned.

Please verify that you are using the latest link (provided below).

You can read about problem solver here

If you are writing code in C/C++ you may find useful the

online makefile generator.

But be aware of the following:

  1. The online makefile generator is not intended to be used in a production environment. It is far from optimal and incomplete. It is based on the separate compilation examples provided by Alexis Delis (University Of Athens) and it will generate proper code for simple cases. It is an unofficial and unsupported tool for students.
  2. You can experiment with the settings in order to understand how makefile works.
  3. You should always test the code generated (with your source files)
  4. The generator adds the libraries to all source files, instead of only the files that should be linked to the libraries (it does not scan the files). You should optimally remove the linking flags not needed in the final project. This is something you will have to do only if you use additional libraries. (in the default scenario, it is not needed)
  5. Be careful to save the makefile in Unix format and not in windows format

If you a find a bug you can report it via the contact form.


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